When do classes begin and end?

Classes run in sessions. Sessions can range from 6 - 36 weeks depending on each individiual School. Saturday is also available in some sites. It is never too late to join a KidzArt session!

Do I have to attend class every week?

When you sign your child up for an entire session, you are responsible for paying for the entire session. However, we do allow drop-in's for our Saturday morning classes only. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the class. You can register online for each individual Saturday.

How much are KidzArt Elementary age classes?

Elementary Classes - Full Session                   $150
                                Saturday Drop-In Class    $15 per class

How much are KidzArt Pre-K classes?

Pre-K Classes   Full Session                    $140
                        Saturday Drop-In              $15 per class

How much are Squiggles to Grins classes?

Squiggles to Grins*   Full Session             $125
        *An adult must attend with every child!!

Can I get credit for a class that I miss?

Unfortunately, we are unable to give credit for missed classes. However, if you know you are going to miss a class and are able to attend a different class DURING THE SAME WEEK you are free to do so. However, arrangements must be made with the instructor prior to attending the other class.

Do I have to re-register each session?

Yes. Each session will have a new registration period a few weeks prior to the session starting.

Are you closed for holidays?

We observe holidays based on the school calendar.

Do I have to drop my child off and pick them up?

Yes. Every child must be walked into KidzArt and signed in by an adult. Every child must be picked up promptly at the end of class and signed out by the adult who dropped them off, unless the teacher is otherwise informed. Children will not be permitted to leave KidzArt alone at any time.

What if I am late for a class?

It is important to arrive on time, as there is much to accomplish during your child's scheduled class and late arrivals are a disruption. Please do not attend class if you are going to be more than 10 minutes late.

What do students do during a KidzArt class?

• Have fun while creating cool art to display
• Explore a broad range of art techniques and mediums
• Learn that problems can have more than one solution
• Choose variations for each project - not a "copy exactly" approach
• Learn techniques for focusing, relaxing, and reducing stress
• Gain drawing skills AND self-confidence
• Think creatively in a non-competitive environment
• Have access to high quality art materials used by artists
• Always be excited by new curriculum--both 2 and 3-D
• Enhance knowledge of other subjects (anthropology, science, geography etc)

Who provides instruction for KidzArt?

All KidzArt instructors have had a background check through a multi-state database search and are fully certified by KidzArt. KidzArt Certified Instructors go through comprehensive training on the KidzArt method. Many have classroom experience. are elementary teachers or are artists themselves. The KidzArt program is a national program and its methods have been proven for over 20 years!

Does my child need to bring anything?

No, KidzArt provides all artist-quality supplies.

Is every class or session different?

Yes, KidzArt projects will never repeat. Weekly classes will include one of either a 2D or 3D curriculum/art project

What types of mediums are introduced throughout the year?

We primarily feature artist quality drawing mediums such as Prismacolor Markers, ArtStix, Oil and Chalk Pastels and Charcoal. We also introduce a wide variety of other 2 and 3 D mediums such as Sand Art, Scratch Art, Sculpture Mediums, Clay, Watercolor, Fabric Painting, Print Making, Copper Tooling, Collage, Weaving, Marbleizing, Mask Making, Solar Printing, Book Making and Trading Cards to name a few.

Do you offer home-school classes?

Yes! KidzArt can come to your home school group. Please call or email us and let's talk about what your needs are.

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How can I find out more information?

Please contact Belinda Rodriguez at 972-432-7847 or via email at brodriguez@kidzart.com.com for any reason!