Belinda Rodriguez, Owner

Belinda has a Master Degree in Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University, Arizona. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with minor in Education, from The School of Plastic Arts of  Puerto Rico, and a Bilingual Certification from Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas. Currently, she holds a Texas Teacher Certification and Puerto Rico Teacher Certification as well. She taught in Puerto Rico for ten years and move to Dallas in 2005. From 2005 to 2013 worked for Dallas Independent School District as a Bilingual Teacher, Spanish Teacher, and Art teacher.

Since she was a child, Belinda had a natural talent for the arts as well as teaching. At the age of twelve, she was the teacher of a small class at her church, demonstrating her ability to teach others. Her parents always encourage her into the arts, music, theater, and choir; because they noticed she had some talent. At school, teachers will always ask her to draw in big scale and use her drawings to create posters and decorate the classrooms. Middle and high school art teachers were her best allies. She was the teacher's pet. 

When the time to choose a career arrived and after trying getting into the military, medical school, and architecture school (because art was only a hobby... she said), She ended at the Art School only to please her parents who were insisting to do a summer entrance seminar. Out of more than two hundred applications for the school, she got accepted and she entered the Art School. A week later she was in love with art.

Belinda's love for art and children is what motivated her to do KidzArt. Different from all other curriculums she knows, KidzArt makes sure that children learn while having fun. KidzArt is the career she ever dreams of and the one in where she can use her talents and abilities to help others.


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